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Restore your relationship with Keap

Keap (the artist formerly known as Infusionsoft) is a super-powerful CRM with infinite automation possibilities for your sales and marketing. But I suspect you’re here cause you’re frustrated with Keap, and you need a hand wrangling it.

I’ve been using Keap since 2014, and I’m a Keap Certified Partner. I can transform your Keap experience so you love it again, and can use it to scale your business.

My Keap campaigns save businesses time and money (so much money)

I’ve redacted the specifics in the examples below, but you get the idea.


Keap plays well with others, too

What makes me awesome at using Keap (If I do say so myself)

Experienced AF

Not only have I been using Keap since 2014, I’ve worked with simple AND complex Keap apps. I know how to scale your app, fix what’s broken, and streamline it. I can get your Keap account purring like my kitten when she’s getting chin scritches.

I'm a Keap Certified Partner

I’ve done all of the official training and been assessed by the boffins at Keap HQ.

(I always say ‘parrtnerrr’ as if I’m an actual cowboy, but with less swagger. I can’t help myself.)

Whole-of-business approach

I’m not just a Keap troubleshooter. I find opportunities to streamline systems, automate routine tasks, and boost leads/sales. I know how to get you the most out of your Keap investment.

Ways I can help your Keap app

  • Fix what’s broken, ensuring you look professional
  • Simplify complicated campaigns
  • Optimise webforms for lead magnets and newsletter signups
  • Audit email deliverability issues and implement recommended fixes
  • Clean up duplicate contacts to reduce the number of records
  • Create smarter segments for your email marketing
  • Optimise ecommerce and automate actions after purchase (Keap/WooCommerce)
  • Launch automated user provisioning with LearnDash and other learning management systems
  • Name webforms, opportunities, campaigns, tags and products to make it easier for you and your team to use.

What’s different about working with me?

From our first call together, I’ll work in your business as if it’s my own. I’ve seen the wreckage left behind by careless freelancers and it’s The Actual Worst.

I also know that one size does not fit all, and what your business needs probably isn’t the same as what the tech bros are shilling.

Rah is always a pleasure to work with due to her bubbly personality and exceptional expertise in technology and Infusionsoft. Her proficiency is complemented by her organisational skills, strategic thinking, and dependability, which make her an asset to any team. Her innovative strategies proved highly effective in saving our team valuable time each day.

Tracy Chan

Fellow Keap Certified Partner

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