Right now in Australia, it would be easier to get tickets to an Adele concert than rapid antigen tests.

I’ve managed to score some online in the last few days, and these are my top 4 tips:

1. Get the intel from locals
Local community Facebook groups are alerting members when online stores have stock, as well as nearby brick and mortar stores. Some groups even have members offering to share their test supplies if they have enough to go around. Search for your suburb in Facebook groups.

2. Create accounts ahead of time
For the online stores you want to buy from when stock is replenished, create an account ahead of time. Enter as much information as possible to speed up the checkout process; shipping address, billing info and contact details. Check what payment methods they take and be ready to use the one that’s fastest for you to provide at checkout. Once your account is created, stay logged in so you don’t have to log in again when you’re checking out

3. Sign up for restock notifications
A lot of online stores are offering restock email notifications. Sign up for as many as you think is sensible, and do so for each testing product they sell (so for two packs, five packs, different brands etc) as some products may restock faster than others.

4. Be ready to move quick
Online stores don’t operate like Ticketek; they won’t reserve stock for you just because it’s in your cart. Be ready to move like lightning. Don’t get distracted by upsells. If you have the option, click on ‘buy now’ instead ‘add to cart’. Have payment details and/or your PayPal password ready.

Stay safe out there y’all 🌈